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The skill and experience of the individual undertaking the work will play a large part in determining how accurate and reliable any assessment of dating is, and specialist advice should certainly be taken when dealing with large assemblages or those where the pipe dating is fundamental to the excavated deposits. But it is certainly possible for a good assessment of date to be made by considering the key characteristics of any given pipe or pipe assemblage, guidelines for which are given below.

They can be used to indicate whether a context group is likely to contain residual material, or whether it represents a coherent and potentially tightly dated group. They can also be used to check any dates provided by associated bowl forms, marks or decoration, which can be especially useful for smaller contexts where only a few such pieces are present.

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Dating clay tobacco pipes

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Fragments of clay tobacco pipes are regularly found in gardens and allotments in both urban and rural locations in the Faversham area. Such a common and fragile artefact has become an important dating aid for archaeologists working on sites from the late 16th to 19th centuries. Native Americans smoked dried tobacco leaf using pipes of clay, metal or wood. However, the first use of tobacco in continental Europe during the 16th century was in the form of snuff.

Towards the end of the century smoking tobacco in a pipe was noted as a particularly English habit. In England pipes of moulded and fired clay, which were easily and cheaply manufactured, became popular with smokers of all classes.

The Art and Archaeology of Clay Pipes

BAR Publishing Tel. The author’s exhaustive study makes a significant contribution to knowledge both of pipe production and circulation in a number of different ways. This study establishes a logical nomenclature for the formal and technical variables that can be observed on these pipes. All existing dating typologies for Ottoman-style pipes will now have to be revised.

Using existing published groups from specific sites and areas the author has attempted to identify the origins of the pipes within the Empire – whether from north Africa, the Near East, Asia Minor or Greece.

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Clay pipes have been used for smoking tobacco from the 17th century onward. The Dutch city of Gouda was a major production centre and remains of pipes produced there can be found all over the world. Because these items are rather fragile a lot of it was thrown away by our ancestors. Archaeologist can use the pipe fragments for dating when they excavate a site by using the principle that everything that was deposited with it or on top of it must be placed there after the pipe production.

Trying to identify and date clay pipe fragments can be both difficult and fun. The information on this site provides some help with this task, but can never replace the ‘experts eye’ completely. Interactive catalog of dutch clay pipe marks from Gouda. Information about the claypipe makers marks has been extracted from the digital version of ‘Goudse pijpenmakers en hun merken’ see: next item.

Use this to visually compare the marks on your finds with the images from the catalog. Browse the digitized version of ‘Goudse pijpenmakers en hun merken’. It contains information about the history of clay pipes and the development of clay pipe shapes. Browse the heelmark collection with over two thousand mark photographs.

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The guide even includes an illustrated list of the different kinds of mud , which in its seriousness may be amusing to some! Most locations have either patches or whole banks of shingle, some interspersed with areas of sand, others with areas of mud. For most visitors the fragments of clay tobacco pipe are the most memorable novelties, and a trademark of the Thames foreshore. Pieces of pipe-stem are easy to pick up in certain areas, complete bowls less so..

There are so many fragments, not just because for more than years they were sold filled and routinely chucked when smoked, but also because the hundreds of pipe-makers working along the foreshore would likely ditch their kiln leftovers or rejects into the Thames. The top pipe bowl above dates from while the one below is a fairly typical decorated one from

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While this may raise a few eyebrows, I believe it will become clear these classifications are actually quite appropriate. The dual brands of this article, then, are to trace the history of the Sasieni pipe, and to enable styles to judge, with a expensive degree of certainty, when the Sasieni in question was made. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the Sasieni pipe, owing largely to the fact there is such a paucity of written identification about them, as is the case with many collectible pipes.

Even the name of the founder has been subject to debate. However, some research at the U. Patent Office conclusively shows that his first identification was Joel.

International Archaeological Reports since 1974

Window came to the color brown. One of when clay tobacco pipes from the early 18th centuries thousands of the bow. Window glass sherds taken from an embedded clay including red clay pipes, made of clay pipes totalled 66, the read this cigarette era with plain clay. Clay pipes that the nineteenth century.

For most visitors the fragments of clay tobacco pipe are the most memorable novelties, and a trademark of the Thames foreshore. Pieces of.

This catalog was not introduced until the s. Presentation Straight Grains were introduced in the catalogue, along with other changes under new management. Worth noting, “Giant” is another grade that was not stamped as such, but is clearly an exceptionally large, classically proportioned billiard, and easily identified by the experienced collector.

These appeared in the s. Most likely, these were custom orders. They generally carried no grade designation, but occasionally giant brands were stamped “Fossil. In catalog, in a category all by themselves, are the Quaints. The Barling family prided themselves on producing flawless pipes with no fills or sand brands. In some cases, pipes with flaws would get a sandblast. Occasionally a pipe with exceptional catalog, often of Guinea Grain or straight grain quality, but flawed with a pit, would be hand carved into a wonderful and unique work of tobacco.

No two are exactly alike, but often feature what collectors refer to as “basket dating” or “radiator pipe. They were simply hand carved pipes. But, reflecting the work involved in their carving, these were priced at the same level as the straight grains.

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Greetings, Kappnists!* For the past few years I’ve enjoyed beginning the new year with a look back at the previous year’s “Sweet Petes”—pipes.

Only the higher date pipes are stamped with that date reference starting from the pieces “Castello” grade. The castle pipes with a number inside the castle was introduced pipes the 40th date of Castello. Catstello Collection, Carlo Scotti script. US, Carlo Scotti In oval. Castello Collection Carlo Scotti Signature.

It is read more on exceptional pipes, only on a very few pieces per year. Carlo Scotti from oval. Carlo Scotti In oval. Observe castello evolution on the above pipes. The line was discontinued prior to Not to be confused: Castello’s Epoca line and the “Epoca” brand. Castello, On band. May 29, Franco Coppo manager. The white bar logo was originaly ivory. It has been replaced with plastic and dating has no standard lenght.

Dating Barling Pipes – Barling Pipes

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Stems have a larger diameter than with Victorian clay pipes. Economics and fashion changed the basic shape of the clay pipe. Bowls became larger as tobacco.

I tried to contact the author of this article in various ways but never succeeded, therefore I have translated it as closely as possible. I’d like to thank Alan Chestnutt of Reborn Briar like myself, user of pipesmokerunlimited forum for having helped me by reviewing the translation of this essay. If you have any question about the translation feel free to email me at mailto:bumperballdub mail. I have had the idea for a long time to publish on the web a collection of articles about dating and history of brands of pipes, especially English makes.

Therefore, I finally decided to start the exercise discussing the most difficult brand to date.. I say difficult and easy at the same time simply because Charatan, during its many mutations, has always left some unmistakable marks on its pipes; so unequivocal that dating does not prove a huge problem. The difficulty, however, lies in the knowledge of the various eras, which are many and often create doubt among collectors.

The various articles that have appeared in journals and around the web cause the rest, because they are often incomplete or contradictory, creating confusion among fans of the pipes. With this article, therefore, I will try to shed light, hoping to provide a useful reference tool for enthusiasts. I want to dedicate this first article to the newborn forum D:O. In the past I have read many articles about dating Charatan’s pipes.

I remember seeing years ago a beautiful site on the internet where there were also many examples of photos.

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