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Sefer Calinak, who was wearing a name tag with hearts on, said he killed his first wife – who was also his cousin – after she “irritated” him. The year-old said he was sentenced to 13 years and 9 months but served only four and a half years. He said he later “accidentally” killed his married lover with an axe. After making the shocking revelation Calinak, who was appearing on Turkish channel Flash TV’s “Luck of the Draw”, was asked to leave the show. The audience members and contestants clapped as he walked off stage. Calnak began by explaining he had eloped with his first wife when he was 17 but became “jealous” when she received advances from another man. According to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, Calinak said: “The nephew of the man who wanted to marry her started to come to our village. Calinak, who described himself as an “honest person looking for a new wife”, said he then married again and had two children.

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Think U. Check out this dating program out of Turkey, in which one of the contestants confessed to killing two women. Wearing a name tag that said “SEFER” surrounded by little hearts, Calinak calmly described the two killings that sent him to prison twice, to the disbelief of the host and other contestants.

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Turkish TV dating show boots contestant after he confesses to killing wife, former lover

The year-old dating show contestant Sefer Calinak calmly explained on TV he was a convicted double murderer. Source: FlashTV. A Turkish man who was kicked out of a TV dating show after revealing he had killed his two previous partners made a stirring romantic pitch by vowing not to kill a third wife. The audience of the “Luck of the Draw” game show was gobsmacked Thursday when Sefer Calinak, a bald year-old contestant sporting a heart-framed name tag, calmly explained he was a convicted double murderer.

In an interview he gave after being asked to leave by the show host, the burly moustachioed man explained he killed his first wife – also his cousin – out of jealousy and his subsequent lover accidentally, “when I swung an axe”. But I spent 14 years in jail.

A reality TV show has been accused of exploiting the death of a contestant’s father in an attempt to boost ratings. The Turkish dating show, Kismetse Olur, which.

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The producers did everything they could in that situation — to do the right thing and take the right steps. The incident occurred at 4. By the following evening, Bric and Cox had been removed from the house by producers, and footage of the event was handed to Queensland police who, along with Severi, declined to press charges. It would never be shown on TV. That year, on top of showing six days a week on free-to-air television, the franchise also allowed fans to tune into a hour live stream of the house online.

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Turkish Dating Show Contestant Sefer Calinak Admits Killing Former Wife & Girlfriend (VIDEO)

A single man appearing on a Turkish TV dating show chose his moment in the limelight to casually reveal he had killed both his former wife and subsequent lover. The host holds her head in her hands as Sefer Calinak cheerfully admits killing two former lovers. I spent 14 years in prison.

During an appearance on Flash TV’s Luck of the Draw dating show, Turkish man Sefer Calinak admitted to killing his wife and mistress in.

One of the housemates, Merve Kovanci, found out her father was ill during filming, and later that he had died. The woman teared up as she read the letter and left the show’s set immediately, but other housemates were not made aware why she left and began to speculate. While the envelope Ms Kovanci read told her that her father was ill, a second envelope was handed to the rest of the housemates, telling them he had actually died, The Mirror reports.

Another said that playing with the woman’s emotions for the sake of ratings was “very embarrassing”. Ms Kovanci is believed to be grieving with her family and has not yet spoken publicly about the incident. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. If you’re not already a Mamamia member, sign up it’s easy, we promise. Video via The Project. Leave a comment. Merve was told her father was “ill”.

Image via CEN The woman teared up as she read the letter and left the show’s set immediately, but other housemates were not made aware why she left and began to speculate.

“What kind of animals are you?” Reality TV show ‘exploits’ death of contestant’s dad.

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A CONTESTANT on a Turkish dating show was asked to leave after he revealed he had MURDERED his wife and another lover.

A Turkish man looking for love on a TV dating show was booted from the studio after confessing to killing his wife and a former lover. Sefer Calinak, 62, stunned potential partners and the audience when he revealed on Flash TV’s “Luck of the Draw” how he’d served prison time for each of the murders. But he then ruined his chances of getting a date by casually explaining how he’d killed his “irritating” first wife and another subsequent partner he thought was after his cash.

Calinak was asked to leave the show after making the startling admission, reports the Hurriyet Daily News. He killed his first wife — a cousin called Fadime who he married when they were 17 — after her behavior changed following five months living together, according to the Daily News. Released from his 14 year sentence after just four years, he then married another woman with whom he had two children. She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe,” he reportedly said. Skip to content.

Semih Sarica via YouTube. He also detailed how he’d been released under an amnesty programme. Calinak has since said he will leave his search for a wife to “God. Calinak was asked to leave the show after the revelation.

Turkish TV Talent Show Contestant Shot in the Head

A young woman competing on a Turkish television talent show has been shot in the head after receiving death threats warning her against taking part. Mutlu Kaya, 19, from the deeply conservative Kurdish-dominated region of Diyarbakir in the southeast of the Muslim country, is in critical condition after the attack early Monday, according to Turkish media reports. The young woman, who can be seen on the YouTube clip below performing in a broadcast last month, had reportedly received death threats after appearing in the show, called Sesi Cok Guzel.

The show — the title translates as ‘the most beautiful voice’ or ‘sounds so good’ — is broadcast by Fox TV Turkey in a format similar to popular talent shows in the West, such as America’s Got Talent. Turkish news agency Dogan reported that the young woman had been shot at home in the early hours of Monday by an unknown assailant who fired a bullet from the garden through a back window of her home in the Ergani district of Diyarbakir province, according to international news agency Agence France-Presse.

Turkish media reports said she had received unconfirmed death threats from within her family circle for traveling to Istanbul to take part in the contest.

Fans of ‘The Challenge’ know that the best competitor of them all is Turbo Turabi. He competed on Turkey’s Got Talent and performed a show of aerial silk So male or female, you’d be lucky to date him, because he seems like a swell guy.

A contestant on a TV dating show was booted off after he publicly claimed he killed his first wife – and then a new lover. Sefer Calinak, 62, told the stunned TV host and audience he had served prison sentences for each of the murders, but had been freed under an amnesty programme. He was jailed for over 13 years for the murder of wife number one – who was a cousin, Fadime, who he married when they were both year-old teenagers.

But he said after five months of living together her behaviour changed when a nephew of the man she was meant to marry started coming to their village. Bald-headed Calinak started an affair with a married woman who said she would dump her husband for him, but failed to do so. She was accidentally killed when I swung an axe. By Don Mackay. Sign up to FREE email alerts from Mirror – celebs Subscribe When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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